CM/CP DN 12÷15
Pneumatically Actuated Compact diaphragm valve


The CM is a manually operated diaphragm valve of reduced dimensions and particularly compact structure, ideal for use in confined spaces.

In addition to manually operated version, the CM is also available in configuration with pneumatical actuator CM/CP.

CM/CP are produced using actuators complying with current regulations and selected by FIP according to its requirements of quality and reliability.




• Connection system for solvent weld and threaded joints
• Extremely compact construction
Internal operating components in metal totally isolated from the conveyed fluid
• Valve stem in STAINLESS steel
Compressor with floating diaphragm support
• Easy to replace diaphragm seal
• Corrosion-proof internal components
CDSA (Circular Diaphragm Sealing Angle) system offering the following advantages:
  - uniform distribution of shutter pressure on the diaphragm seal
  - reduction in the tightening torque of the screws fixing the actuator to the valve body
  - reduced mechanical stress on all valve components (actuator, body and diaphragm)
  - easy to clean valve interior
  - low risk of the accumulation of deposits, contamination or damage to the diaphragm due to crystallisation
  - operating torque reduction


  • Handwheel in PA-GR, completely sealed, high mechanical strength with ergonomic grip for optimum manageability

  • Integrated adjustable torque limiter designed to prevent excessive compression of the diaphragm and always guarantee a minimum fluid flow

  • Optical position indicator supplied as standard

  • Bonnet in PA-GR with STAINLESS steel nuts fully protected by plastic plugs to eliminate zones where impurities may accumulate. Internal circular and symmetrical diaphragm sealing area

  • STAINLESS steel bolts, can also be inserted from above

  • Threaded metal inserts for anchoring the valve