FS-FC Variable area flowmeter configurator


We suggest to follow the sequence of options as shown in the following form.

Select the liquid the flowmeter will be measuring. If your liquid differs from the above options, we recommend you to refer to the Technical Support Service (technical.fip@aliaxis.com Tel. +39 010 96211)
Select the expected flow rate range, the configurator will display the flowmeters that operate in the range indicated or in a wider range (considering the fact that variable area flowmeters generally operate at a range of 1:10 e.g. 100-1000 l/h, 250-2500 l/h).
Select the expected operating flow rate, the configurator will display the flowmeters with a similar average flow rate (range +/- 25%)
To fine-tune your selection, fill in the subsequent fields.
Select the connection diameter according to the diameter of the pipeline on which the flowmeter is to be installed.
If the diameter that matches the line diameter is unavailable, we suggest you use a flowmeter with a diameter that differs at most by one size up or down. Example: for a d25 line, you can use flowmeters with a d20 or d32 diameter. 
The choice of diameter in inches (“) implies the listing of only the flowmeters equipped by BSP female thread end unions. The choice of diameter in millimetres (d) implies the display of only the versions suitable for solvent welding. 
For the flowmeters with threaded connection, we suggest to combine materials with similar mechanical features. The reported codes refer to flowmeters with connections in PVC-U (ISO solvent welding and BSP threaded) and with o-ring in EPDM; further options for Connections and O-rings are available in the connection Options section of the technical catalogue of the product data sheet)
Some diameters are available for both types. The two families of flowmeters have significant differences in their overall dimensions. For details, please refer to the dimensional drawings.
Select a tube material compatible with the liquid being measured. Few materials are not available for all the reference fluids.
Select a float material compatible with the liquid. Few materials are not available for all the reference fluids.
Select the magnetic float option if you wish to use a micro-switch to remote a MAX and/or MIN alarm to an external device.