COVID-19 EMERGENCY #4 – We look forward to studying together the solution that best suits your needs

The situation caused by Covid-19 is constantly evolving, but we too have never stopped, striving every day to improve our processes and strengthen our network.

To stay by your side we have improved digital solutions to support us in addressing, even from a distance, doubts and problems related to planning and desing operative solutions for water treatment, irrigation and agriculture, infrastructure and for all those projects that are essential for our countries today.

To keep on learning together, we have also enhanced Aliaxis Digital Academy, a training and sharing program.

Contact us to book a consultancy dedicated to your needs at +39 010 9621.1 or contact Online Technical Assistance Service directly.

We look forward to guaranteeing an activity considered among the primary ones; right from the start we implemented all the legal requirements to guarantee the safety of our people and our business partners, we started a periodic sanitization program for all work environments, we activated smart work solutions in record time to be able to maintain a daily relationship with all of you and we have guaranteed more space and safety to those who have continued to work at our factories; we did it to ensure the quality of the products and the reliability of the supplies to the market, because we believe that it is important for our customers to find a responsible and reliable partner in us.