Customising FIP valves!

Special valve labels can be made for applying company names, ID numbers or service information such as the function of the valve in the plant or the fluid conveyed. Specific customer information, such as the name of the customer or the place and date of installation, can also be added. The system is available for Easyfit® ball valve models VEE, VXE, SXE, for butterfly valve models FE, FK and for large bore VKD Dual Block® ball valves.


The user friendly wizard makes label creation simple and fast, enabling professional results to be obtained using an Inkjet printer.
Other functions allow images to be combined with text, texts to be created with different orientations, data from spreadsheets to be imported, and the results to be checked using the preview function.
You can download the software now to customise labels, manage your printer and create your own customised valve.
Zip file size: 5 Mb
System requirements:
Operating system MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/ 7,32-Bit (x86), 64-Bit (x64)
Framework: 2
Space required: approx. 5 Mb


The LSE set is made up of non-hygroscopic A4 sheets of self-adhesive white polyethylene labels ready to be printed and applied to the valves.
The sheets are available in special packs designed for each valve size from d16 to d63 and allow up to 500 valves to be customised.

LCE module

The LCE module consists of a transparent PVC-U protection plug and a white PVC-U tag holder for insertion either on the handle or in the special housing on the valves.
The plug and tag holder, available for all diameters from d16 to d63, are supplied as standard on VXE Easyfit, SXE Easyfit, FE, FK and large bore VKD valves, and can be purchased separately for VEE Easyfit models.