FS-FC Variable area Flowmeters
FS-FC Variable area Flowmeters


Variable area flowmeters operate according to the variable area principle, where a float is suspended in upward flowing media in a tapered plastic tube. The vertical position of the float within the metering tube depends on the flowrate of the media. The metering tube is graduated in suitable flow units (normally with 10:1 flow range) and the reading is taken in correspondence with the top edge of the float. Versions for liquids and gases are available, providing accurate and cost effective measurement with scales in l/h and Nm3/h. Other engineering units like LPM, m3/h or % together with double scales and special scales suited to the medium are available on request.




Metering tubes are available in two different lenght, Standard and Short and in several materials: Trogamid (PA), suitable for inert media, PVC and Polysulfone (PSU) suitable for many corrosive media.
Male threads moulded onto the end of the metering tube are used for easy mounting of unions. Standard unions are in PVC-U but others are available according to the different working conditions.
The floats are available is Stainless Steel AISI 316 and PP depending on flow medium and measuring range.
All the flowmeters are equipped with min-max visual flow indicators fully adjustable. In addition, the flowmeters can be fitted with min-max flow switches. When fitting the electrical accessories, a float with magnet must be installed in the flowmeter.


  • Wide choice of measuring scales.

  • Wide choice of end connections.

  • Eight different diameters.

  • Five different tube lengths.

  • Three different plastic tube materials.

  • SS and PP float materials.

  • Special and double scales available.

  • Good level of accuracy with simple operation.

  • Very limited maintenance.