MAGNUM 3G d 75-110
Mechanical compression fittings for PE big diameters pipes jointing


MAGNUM 3G d 75-110: Series of fittings with internal components mechanically retained together (into the nut) in order to avoid any possible loss when installed, zero interference system to allow the free insertion to polyethylene pipes from d 75 to d 110 mm.




The MAGNUM 3G large bore series combines the Slide & Tighten hydromechanical sealing system with the special NUT-IN solution, which retains the sealing components within the nut. The dynamic sealing system is obtained by the special design of the compression chamber that guarantees a complete absence of interference between the pipe and the sealing gasket.

This technical feature allows the free insertion of pipes and reduces the installation times. Once the pipe is insert, tightening progressively the ring nut up to the last thread, the pressure bush forces the gasket to its final appropriate compression chamber. When functioning under pressure, the clinching ring detaches from the pressure bush to reach the correct working position even during very critical laying conditions.

MAGNUM 3G system with makes your life easy: no need to dismantle the fitting to install or uninstall, and all the components remains into the nut. Thanks to this high integrity, there are no falling parts from the fitting during the hand managements.



Body: PP-B

Presser bush: PP-B

Clinching ring: POM