MAGNUM 3G Brass Series d 16-63
Mechanical compression transition fitting with metal/plastic body


MAGNUM 3G Brass Series d 20-63: Series of transition fittings with element brass threaded molded in the polypropylene body, suitable to join hydraulic equipment and threaded metal pipes with polyethylene pipes from d 20 up to d 63 mm.




The transition fitting with metal/plastic body MAGNUM 3G brass series, gives the advantage of an increased mechanical resistance of the threaded joints  between hydraulic equipment and metal pipes to PE pipes, exploiting the easy and quick installation system of mechanical compression fittings.

The nickel-plated brass threaded insert, available in both male and female version, is molded in the polypropylene body and consequently has a perfect anchorage to the body of the fitting. The threaded insert is internally PP coated for the protection of the fluid and it is equipped with a special edge to enhance the sealing of the threaded connections.

MAGNUM 3G brass would provide a coherent jointing metal-to-metal threads, in addition with the plastic-to-plastic connection with PE pipe.



Metal insert: Brass thread insert

Body: PP Copolymer, Drinking water compliance, Long Lifetime Mechanical Resistance

Seal Ring: EPDM 70 Shore A, Drinking water approved

Clinching Ring: Acetal (POM), Long Lifetime Mechanical Resistance

Nut: Acetal (POM), Long Lifetime Mechanical Resistance