UIFV - 505
Clamp Saddles


UIFV – Clamp saddle in PVC-U with four bolts

505 – Clamp saddle in PP



UIFV - Clamp saddle in PVC-U

• Range from d 32 a to d 225 mm, threaded branches from G 1/2” to G 3”
• Maximum working pressure PFA: 16 bar at 20° C
• Upper and bottom part molded in PVC-U
• Sealing by special gasket in NBR
• Metal reinforcing ring (Stainless steel AISI 430) on threaded branches
• Easy to install
• Installation by screwing 4 bolts in zinc plated steel (Stainless steel on


505 - Clamp saddle in PP

• Range from d.20 to d. 315mm, threaded branches from R 1/2” to R 4”
• Maximum working pressure (PFA):
    10 bar up to dxR 160x2”
     6 bar up to dxR 200x4” 
     4 bar up to a dxR 315x4”
• Upper and bottom part in PP
• Gasket O-Ring in NBR
• Reinforcing ring in stainless steel AISI 430
• Installation by screwing 2/4/6 bolts in zinc plated steel according to the diameter (Stainless steel on demand)