In 1990, FIP became the first Italian company in its sector to be awarded certification of its Quality System under standard ISO 9001 by the Italian Plastics Institute. This certification, along with numerous acknowledgements presented to FIP products, is the result of constant commitment to offering a product increasingly suited to the needs of the market.

In line with the overall policy of the Aliaxis Group, FIP has also adopted an Environmental Policy for protecting the environment and workers’ health, certified under standard UNI EN ISO 14001.

Constant monitoring and careful assessment of the environmental impact of its work, products and services guarantees ongoing improvement aimed at reducing and preventing industrial risks to the environment such as atmospheric emissions and waste-water.

All new production processes and all changes to existing plants are carefully assessed to ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations issued by governments and competent authorities. Appropriate training and promotion of responsibility among employees ensures optimised consumption of resources and correct waste management.