The aquarium industry handles millions of liters of salt water and freshwater for aquatic animals such as sharks, dolphins and turtles and the life support system (LSS) plays a key role in enhancing the physical health and well-being of the species in any aquarium.

This is because LSS is not just another water treatment system, but also an inherent part of the living ecosystem and fundamentally different from a conventional pool filtration plant. Large public aquariums require more than just water clarity: specific chemicals dosing, system biology, equipment materials and water turnover rate are all fundamental to the health of the system.

For this reason, many standard water treatment components are not suited to the biological nature of the aquarium, as LSS requires corrosion-resistant valves that should be clean, safe and efficient. FIP provides versatile components and customizable solutions, simple to install and use but effective to the needs and the requirements of LSS.