In the next years, water is expected to become the most vital natural source, as the worldwide population is growing more and more. The proper management of this precious resource will thus be one of the main focus of the 21st century.

The irrigation and agriculture industries are playing an important role to maintain public or private green areas and sports facilities as well as to grow agricultural crops also in areas of the world already affected by chronic water shortage.

An important part of the agriculture industry is made by aquaculture (or aquafarming) and it is focused on the farming of fish, crustaceans, aquatic plants, algae and other aquatic organisms mainly for human consumption. For this reason, the water treatment system involved is vital for fish healthy growth and for mitigating environmental impacts as well as for human health.

By using the most modern technologies and equipment, properly managed irrigation and agriculture systems can protect the environment and improve water quality with a lower level of resources.

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